Aims & Objectives

Although BUHS initiated and sponsored by DAB, it had to be established under a separate nonprofit organization (Trust) as per Private University Ordinance 2010. Accordingly, the BUHS Trust was formed with the (Members by name, not ex-officios, except the Vice-Chancellor), as detailed in the enclosure.

The Board of Trustees has already nominated Prof Liaquat Ali (the Founder Director of BIHS) as the first Vice-Chancellor of the University and his appointment is now under processing of endorsement by the Honorable Chancellor of the Universities (the Honorable President of Bangladesh). Under the Board of Trustees the University will operate as per Private University Ordinance 2010.

About 10 Faculties have been planned under BIHS, but initially (up to 2013) the following Faculties will operate:

  1. Faculty of Basic Sciences
  2. Faculty of Public Health
  3. Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
  4. Faculty of Health Technology & Engineering

Presently, about 13 Departments are going to start operation under BUHS and about 22 undergraduate and postgraduate programs will be started soon under this University.


  • To develop qualified and skilled human resources in clinical, basic and allied health sciences & technology with the overall goal for improving health of our population.
  • To create multidisciplinary environment in biomedical research involving biological, chemical, clinical as well as social sciences as relevant to health.
  • To generate evidence based suggestions which can help the Planners and Policy Makers to develop better health care programs in the country.
  • To faster interaction among relevant Institutes/Universities in home and abroad to improve the academic and research standards in biomedical fields.
  • To create a Model for an ideal Private University in Bangladesh.