Department of Biomedical Engineering & Medical Physics

Department of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics under the faculty of Health Engineering and Technology at Bangladesh University of Health Sciences (BUHS) is at the forefront of bioengineering in Bangladesh. In recognition of the unique features and requirements of bioengineering and the excellence of the Bioengineering faculty and programs, BUHS established this Department in November 2012. The field of biomedical engineering is one of the most important and fastest growing sectors of medical and health development.

Biomedical engineering is an interdisciplinary specialization and serves as a bridge between engineering, biology and medicine. Its aim is, to improve the diagnostics, therapy, care, rehabilitation and life quality by researching and developing therapeutic devices, equipment, implants, medical imaging devices as well as pharmaceuticals.

Bangladesh is a country with population over 150 million and about 2.5% of world’s population. This large population needs an efficient, safe and cost effective healthcare system. In recent year increased use of technology has significantly improved quality effectiveness of the healthcare delivery. However increased use of technology has also resulted in increased overall costs. Therefore effective management and assessment of healthcare technology in use will be needed. There are so many hospital and diagnostic center in Bangladesh which are functioning with many upgraded and sophisticated electro-medical equipment. The equipment demands safe operation, maintenance, monitoring, repair and development. Sound maintenance is an essential part of the return on the investment of health care equipment. That is why availability of well educated and trained biomedical engineering professionals is of prime importance. This also point to a need to develop a comprehensive program for biomedical engineering education and training in Bangladesh. BUHS aims to educate and trained new generations of Bioengineers through the department of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics, whose individual efforts will make substantial contributions to society.

Career opportunities for biomedical engineers are excellent. To develop the innovative technologies that drive the biomedical industry, requires personnel with the unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience in biology, medicine and engineering offered by undergraduates and graduates Programme in Biomedical Engineering.

Biomedical engineers work with health care professionals (e.g., physicians, nurses, therapists, and technicians) and may be called upon in a wide range of capacities such as designing instruments, devices, and software. Biomedical engineers incorporate knowledge from many technical sources to develop new medical procedures and conduct research in an effort to solve clinical problems. Biomedical engineers are employed in industry, in hospitals and diagnostic center, in research facilities of educational and medical institutions, in teaching, and in government regulatory agencies and so on and so forth. Biomedical engineers can be doing something different every day and can angle their career to be working individually or part of a team.

Visiting & Mailing Address

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Bangladesh University of Health Sciences
Room No: 0000, 125/1, Darus Salam
Mirpur-1,Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.
Phone: [880] 2-8055312, 9010654
Fax: [880] 2-8055312


Visiting Hours: 10AM - 4PM

Head of the Department

S.M. Muraduzzaman
Contact No: [880]-2-8035501, Ext. 1151
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Faculty Members

Honorary/Adjunct Faculties

Adjunct Faculty
Prof. Alamgir Hossain

Full-Time Faculties

Associate Professor
S.M. Muraduzzaman
Assistant Professor
Most. Tanzila Parvin