Department of Community Dentistry

Welcome to the Division of Public Health and Community Dentistry. The skills necessary for a career in public health are those required to care for a community as well as individuals within the community. Through our teaching program, research program and community service our Division continues to meet this challenge.

Community Dentistry is that specialized branch of dentistry which deals with the delivery of comprehensive dental and oral health care to the masses so as to improve the total dental and oral health of the community as a whole .Its scope covers all the preventive, social, and curative dental and oral health services .In many parts of the world oral diseases remain a significant public health problem being highly prevalent, having a major impact on quality of life and very costly to treat.  Oral diseases are however largely preventable and stark social inequalities exist with oral conditions disproportionally affecting socially disadvantaged groups.  Little research has explored in depth the patterns and causes of oral health inequalities.  An individualized and very clinical preventive approach has dominated oral health policy.  This narrow approach has compartmentalized the mouth from other health improvement initiatives leading to isolation and outdated practices.  A radically different preventive approach is now needed to promote population oral health.

Mission and vision:
The community dentistry has been expanding in scope & complexity with more emphasis being placed on the total dental care delivery systém & its impact on Oral Health Status .

Objectives of the Program:
At the end of the course the students will be able to Knowledge-

  • Apply basic sciences knowledge regarding etiology, diagnosis and management of the prevention, promotion arid treatment of all the oral conditions at the individual and community level.
  • Identify social, economic, environmental and emotional determinants in a given individual patient or a community for the purpose of planning arid execution of Community Oral Health Program.
  • Ability to conduct Oral Health Surveys in order to identify all the oral health problems affecting the community and find solutions using multi - disciplinary approach.
  • Ability to act as a consultant in community Oral Health, teach, guide and take part in research (both basic and clinical),present and publish the outcome at various scientific conferences and journals both national and international level.

The candidate should be able to
1. Take history and conduct survey of the community at state and national level of all conditions related to oral health to arrive at community diagnosis.
2. Plan and perform all necessary treatment, prevention and promotion of Oral Health at the individual and community level.
3. Plan appropriate Community Oral Health Program, conduct the program and evaluate, at the community level.
4. Ability to make use of knowledge of epidemiology to identify causes and plan appropriate preventive and control measures.
5. Conduct survey and use appropriate methods to impart Oral Health Education.
6. Develop ways of helping the community towards easy payment plan, and followed by evaluation for their oral health care needs.
7. Develop the planning, implementation, evaluation and administrative skills to carry out successful community Oral Health programs

1. Adopt ethical principles in all aspects of Community Oral Health Activities
2. To apply ethical and moral standards while carrying out epidemiological researches.
3. Develop communication skills, in particular to explain the causes and prevention of oral diseases to the patient.
4. Be humble and accept the limitations in his knowledge and skill and to ask for help from colleagues when needed and promote teamwork approach.
5. Respect patient's rights and privileges including patient’s right to information and right to seek a second opinion.

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Department of Community Dentistry
Bangladesh University of Health Sciences
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Visiting Hours: 10AM - 4PM

Head of the Department

Prof. Dr. Md. Anower Hussain Mian BDS(DU), DDS (BSMMU), PhD(Japan)

Post doc Fellow (USA)
Contact No: [880]-2-9661551-9, Ext. 2527

Cell: +88 01715 026 121
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Faculty Members

Honorary/Adjunct Faculties
Honorary Professor
Prof  Dr Kazi Mehedi-Ul-Alam
Prof Shuichi Takinami
Full-Time Faculties

Prof. Dr. Md. Anower Hussain Mian BDS(DU), DDS (BSMMU), PhD(Japan) Post doc Fellow (USA)
Assistant Professor
Dr. Fahmida Binte Mesbah

Sr Lecturer

Dr. Amena Sultana Kakoli