Undergraduate Programs

A. Faculty of Basic Sciences:
  1. BS in Biochemistry & Cell Biology (Hons) [Read More]
  2. BS in Microbiology and Immunology (Hons) [Read More]
B. Faculty of Public Health:
  1. BPH in Community Nutrition (Hons) [Read More]
  2. BPH in Health Promotion & Health Education (Hons) [Read More]
  3. BPH in Reproductive & Child Health (Hons) [Read More]
  4. BPH in Occupational Health & Safety (Hons) [Read More]
  5. BPH in Environmental Health & Safety (Hons) [Read More]
  6. BPH in Epidemiology and Biostatistics (Hons) [Read More]
C. Faculty of Allied Health Sciences:
D. Faculty of Health Engineering and Technology:
  1. BSc in Radiology & Imaging Technology (Hons) [Read More]
  2. BSc in Laboratory Technology (Hons) [Read More]